I Can’t Pick Just One!

Rather than one show I have several that I enjoyed – I can’t pick just one! 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is martha-rodriguez-fertilization-liquid-acrylics-and-ie280a6nthetic-paper.jpeg
Martha Rodriguez, Fertilization, liquid watercolors, from Organic Designs


Organic Designs (2015) comes to my mind first, not just because I got the chance to participate as an artist in this lobby exhibition that accompanied the Art Nouveau exhibit, but because I got to see what Alphonse Mucha paintings and prints looked like in person. It still amazes me that he was able to make such huge art with such crisp lines!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lisa-jetonne-rolling-earth-transformed-lines-ceramic.jpg
Lisa Jettone, ceramic vessel, from Pacific Currents

I love sculpture too, so it was fun to see what artists created in the exhibition of bronze sculpture by Betty Saletta (2016) and in Pacific Currents (2017) with its Asian-themed ceramic sculptures.  

It was a treat to see Childhood Classics (2016), and related to that, Ready, Set, Show! It’s always fun and inspiring to see what art kids make and the materials they use. 

Chella, Sun Patterns,, from Valley Focus, 2015

As an artist myself, I love seeing the skill of artist’s paintings in recurring shows like the Carnegie Art Showcase, Yosemite Renaissance, and Valley Focus. I’m constantly learning something new at the Carnegie.

Rebecca Weis, Volunteer

Rebecca Weis, Fox & Flowers, digital illustration from Organic Designs

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