Art Nouveau Inspiration

Alphonse Mucha: The Golden Age of Art Nouveau installed in the Carnegie’s Ferrari Gallery, Fall 2015

Although I did not participate in organizing this exhibit, Alphonse Mucha: The Golden Age of Art Nouveau was one of my favorite exhibitions at the Carnegie Arts Center. I have always enjoyed the Art Nouveau style. I think that the detail, liveliness and whimsical nature of the works are what draw me to enjoy it so much. 

After seeing this exhibit I was able to travel to Prague, capital of Alphonse Mucha’s home country, to fulfill an Art Nouveau dream.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Mucha Museum, which boasts many artworks and artifacts from his life – from a drawing he made at the age of eight to many of his most famous (and not so famous) works.  It was a highlight of my trip.  

The Mucha Museum, Prague

Kathi Farber, Former Carnegie Volunteer

One thought on “Art Nouveau Inspiration

  1. Praque is wonderful! I had the good fortune to go to the museum as well. So much history about the impact Alphonse Mucha had on the country, way more than expected! There is much more to see of his work. Would love to go back! Ann Beekman

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