When the Carnegie Rocked…

Oh, the memories!

Carnegie Rocks installation in progress, 2014

Walking down memory lane and thinking about all of the shows (yes, Lisa, I mean “exhibitions”) that I have had the pleasure of installing at the Carnegie over the past 8 years, many stand out. From Edgar Degas: The Private Impressionist to My Hero!, none stick with me more than The Carnegie Rocks!

Nic’s grandfather, Jerry Hahs

The Carnegie Rocks! still stands out as one of my favorite shows, ever!! Not only did it showcase a lot of non-traditional artwork, guitars and music memorabilia, it brought back a lot of memories of my grandfather. This show took place during the summer of 2014, almost a year after he passed away. He wasn’t only my grandfather, he was a talented musician and guitar player. While I never got the chance to learn how to play guitar from him (something I kick myself for every day), I did learn about music and gained a huge respect for musicians and their craft.

Nic (right) during installation

Another fun thing was that, not only did I get to hold guitars and memorabilia from artists I grew up with and love — I was in shock at times during the install – I got to meet Ace Frehley, Bun E. Carlos, the guys from Night Ranger, George Lynch, and Bill Ward’s long-time drum tech (I know, right? THE BILL WARD! Original drummer of Black Sabbath…heavy metal GODS!), along with a few roadies from the KISS family.

I was in awe throughout the whole exhibition as there was always something new to see, especially since there were new pieces added throughout its run, such as an old pair of touring pants that George Lynch found in his garage…something that still kind of haunts me to this day; definitely double gloved that install (Lauris knows what I’m talking about).


Check out this video from the Turlock Journal for a view into the exhibition and the opening night rock concert!

While that show is probably one of my favorites, I have enjoyed every show that I have been able to install. My Hero! allowed my comic nerd to come out, and exhibitions that showcased artists like Alphonse Mucha and Picasso allowed my art nerd to come out. Come on, I got to hold a Paul Cézanne drawing in my hands – something that one of my mentors is still jealous of.

Nic Webber
Carnegie Arts Center

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