Scholarship Funds: Express Yourself!

Student Art Elephant
You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have! (Maya Angelou)

The Express Yourself! Justin Ferrari Scholarship Fund is part of the Carnegie’s commitment to engage youth in the arts. This need-based scholarship supports students wishing to pursue any classes in art, dance, theater or writing at the Carnegie. With a simple application and one supporting letter from a teacher, counselor, social worker, pastor, or other adult mentor, a student can qualify for 85% tuition reduction. No young person should be denied access to creativity or self-expression because of cost! Download your scholarship application here.beginning-painting-sunflowers


The scholarship fund was established in partnership with The Jeani and John Ferrari Family Foundation in 2014, opening the door for children to pursue creative goals, explore new skills and to express themselves through the arts.

Justin Ferrari “found” himself in music. As a teenager, Justin was an avid fan of the Heavy Metal rock sound and he listened to a wide variety of music in that genre. As well as music, Justin expressed himself through drawing and writing. In Justin’s memory, the Express Yourself! scholarship is meant to encourage any young person to experience all that the arts have to offer.

You can make a difference in the life of a local student by partnering with the Carnegie Arts Center. Donations to the scholarship fund are fully tax-deductible and directly  support need-based scholarships for students at the Carnegie. Donate here.



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