An Artist Takes a Field Trip

Today I visited the Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock and  had a special experience — as an artist, it was a gift. I have photographs in the Central California Art Showcase exhibition and I was coming to watch two fifth grade classes from Ceres go through a lesson on perspective. The docent lecture and discussion helped guide the students so that when they were able to view the work on their own they had been given the tools to help them see. You could feel the excitement in the gallery build as they developed an understanding of the work.  The comments and critiques of the artwork were energizing, and the students’ fresh points of view led to questions that made me stop and think.

The learning continued in the studio workshop space where another docent guided the students as they created an art piece using perspective. The students had high levels of energy as they took on this art project. The art talk going on with the kids was extremely positive and supportive. The students left the Carnegie with a collage they made, wonderful  visual stories, and a greater understanding of art; I guess we all got a gift today!

Susan Conner


Image at top: Susan Conner, Make a Wish, photograph.

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