Organic Designs On View Until January 31, 2016

As a companion to the Carnegie’s fall exhibition of the works of Alphonse Mucha, the Lobby Galleries will feature works on the theme of Organic Designs. Artists may submit work that reflects an inspiration from any organic, natural or botanical sources. The works should not be inspired by Mucha directly, but rather by the spirit of nature that inspired the Art Nouveau movement.

Luis Hurtado-Sanchez, Wintre Verticals II, photograph
Luis Hurtado-Sanchez, Wintre Verticals II, Photograph

Art Nouveau style was considered very modern when it first appeared in Paris in 1890s. Taking inspiration from natural forms and structures – flowers and plants, shells and feathers – artists produced elegant, yet stylized, organic motifs with flowing lines and dynamic rhythms.  The Art Nouveau movement was also organic in its embrace of all creative forms:  painting and sculpture,  graphic arts, architecture, interior design, and the decorative arts including jewelry, furniture, textiles, metal work, glass and ceramics.


For a list of exhibited artists, click here

 For the Award Winners, click here

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